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Risk Management: Dr. Cohen does risk management consulting and analysis and helps enterprise develop risk management processes. This includes work done through Fearless Security as part of assessment processes, Management Analytics in consulting engagements, TechVision Research as an analyst, as part of angel investment analysis, and in other activities.

Research and Development: Dr. Cohen has been a researcher for many years. The best compendium of this work can be found at All.Net under "Research", "Forensics", "Protection", and in other areas. This includes the development of fundamental results, reduction to practice and codification in patents, implementation in products, and offering to, through, and in businesses.

CyberSecurity and Information Protection: Dr. Cohen is a globally recognized expert in information protection and cybersecurity. He is an ISC2 Fellow, has won international awards, given keynote speeches at major conferences in this field, acted on advisory boards for many companies, is a recognized industry analyst in security strategies, and his work in this area is reflected in many of his other businesses, and other aspects of his work.

  • Computer Viruses and Defenses: Dr. Cohen is best known in the information protection community for his seminal work on "computer virus" potential capabilities and defenses. He wrote much of the original work in this field in the 1980s.

  • Information Assurance: Dr. Cohen identified and defined the term "information assurance" as part of his work on critical infrastructure protection in the early 1990s.

  • Deception for Protection: Dr Cohen did seminal work on deception for information protection, holds several key patents in this area, and has developed and taught university courses in deception and counterdeception. This also led to the advancement of digital forensics work related to inconsistency analysis as a counter-deception method.

  • Related publications: Dr. Cohen has published scores of peer reviewed papers and several books in this area, and has done research in 4 decades related to these issues. The best place to look for this work in summary is at All.Net. He has written a monthly short article on these subjects since the 1990s.

  • All.Net provides a great deal of additional information. You might also want to look at videos, short courses, and related materals.

Business Spinoffs: Dr. Cohen uses Management Analytics, among other things, to create technologies, methods, systems, and conditions to start up venture after venture. Those ventures that grow to the point where they involve others are usually spun off into separate businesses that succeed or fail on their own merits.

  • Management Analytics: This is the core business that creates and perfects methods and supporting technologies, predominantly in the form of patents, software, content, operational capabilities, and related things. Once they operate, they either remain as consulting business elements or are spun off to form new entities with 3rd parties.

  • Fearless Security: Fearless is a business spun off with Chris Blask to provide scaleable protection assessments. While the worldwide capacity for such assessments was about 1,000/year prior to the innovations of Fearless, that capacity is now at least an order of magnitude larger and expandable beyond that. Channel partners sell these assessments and relabel and augment results for their clients.

  • Fearless Ridge: With Tom Ridge, the First Secretary of Homeland Security, this spin-off applies the methods of Fearless Security to the insurance industry and select large channel partners. We also work with Secretary Ridge on related issues.

  • TechVision Research: With Gary Rowe, formerly of Burton Group and then Gartner, a research and advisory firm was formed and supported with content, management advice, and related services. Dr. Cohen acts as an industry analyst, writes research and advisory reports, and supports consulting and standardized client services.

Litigation Support: Dr. Cohen performs litigation support on select high-valued legal matters and has a team that supports the legal process with specialized experts in select areas.

  • Expert Witness: Dr. Cohen has been qualified as an expert in Federal, State, and Local jurisdictions for criminal and civil matters. He has testified in court and in depositions. More details are available at Manalytic.Com.

  • Digital Forensics: Dr. Cohen has done significant research in the field of digital forensics and has worked as a digital forensics expert including in some cases as an expert witness. Research results may be found under "Forensics" at All.Net. He has presented results in peer reviewed journals and conference papers, in several books, and has been a keynote speaker at related conferences on 4 continents.

  • Digital Diplomatics: Dr. Cohen is working toward developing a theory and practice of digital diplomatics usable within the legal systems of the world for authentication of digital records. This is closely related to his work with the InterPARES Trust and Federally sponsored research relating to the use of redundant information for integrity and the development of analysis methods to make determinations about consistency and inconsistency of such records.

Angel Investment and Entrepreneurship Activities: Dr. Cohen's activities in these areas started from the 1970s. He current activities predominantly involve university programs, advisory boards, developing online information services, and as a member and now chapter president of Keiretsu Forum.

  • Keiretsu Forum Chapter President: Fred is President of the Pebble Beach chapter of Keiretsu Forum, the largest angel investment group in the world, with more than 2500 members in 45 chapters with 134 corporate fundings totaling over $70M and real estate fundings of 27 companies exceeding $13M in 2015. The Pebble Beach chapter covers the Central Coast area of California, including most of Santa Cruz and Monterey counties.

  • Angel Investments: Fred is currently invested in more than 45 angel fundings of portfolio companies, does due diligence work for several companies a quarter, and speaks at conferences about angel investing and the risks and rewards it brings.

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programs: Dr. Cohen works with and sponsors the California State University - Monterey Bay and their IIED program to help build and support innovation and entrepreneurship programs for students and enterpreneurs.

  • Angel to Exit: This started as a series of articles describing successes and failures in startups and angel funded companies, each with a lesson to be learned for the investor and the entrepreneur. It has evolved into a service offering that provides free and for-fee content to help startups succeed. This ranges from lifestyle and main street businesses to grow-and-sell businesses that seek angel and venture funding and eventually sell to large enterprises or go public.

  • Advisory Boards: Startups often ask for the assistance of trusted advisors in all areas of business development. Dr. Cohen participates on advisory boards of startups in exchange for equity rather than cash, both to help those startups succeed and to bring them into opportunities in the communities he participates in.

InterPARES Trust Research Team: Dr. Cohen participates in the global effort of the University of British Columbia to study archives and records management "in the cloud". This program involves hundreds of researchers from 5 continents, meets all over the world, and has joint research programs with scores of universities. Dr. Cohen is a member of the North American and Transnational teams and is currently leading 3 research efforts within the overall program, representing Management Analytics in this program.

California State University - Monterey Bay: Dr. Cohen works closely with the Dean of the School of Business and the Institute for Innovation and Economic Development at CSU-MB to help support and advance their programs and in support of the relationship with Keiretsu Forum Pebble Beach.