Consulting Services
What we do:

We offer consulting services in four areas:

  • Security Consulting
  • Protection Assessments
  • Digital Forensics
  • Decision Support

Security Consulting:

We are best known for our work as security consultants. We have worked for enterprises of all sizes over a period of more than 30 years, and are best known for our protection posture assessments, our direct approach to addressing issues in a pragmatic manner, and minimizing client time and inconvenience while producing the highest quality results.

There is no "typical" security consulting work. We are most often called in to help develop the next generation of security architecture, to assess a protection program and identify strategic, tactical, and urgent directions, to help companies work toward compliance, and in cases where a truly independent expert opinion is needed.

One of the key reasons we are very efficient, thorough, and effective is our extensive collection of technologies, materials, and methods, developed over many years. We leverage our people, technology, knowledge, and experience to provide top quality results faster and more accurately than our competitors.

Protection Assessments:

One of the areas where we are best known is performing protection assessments. These assessments are used to measure a client's protection systems and provide advice in making changes where appropriate. We provide a range of specialized assessments as well as seversl broad spectrum reviews of overall security programs.

Digital Forensics:

We are called in on forensic cases when digital evidence has to be found, secured, analyzed, and presented in court. These cases typically involve employee separations, criminal cases, and cases which have defied conventional analysis. We also work with private investigative firms, and state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies to help detect and solve select cases.

To facilitate this activity, we have an extensive digital forensics laboratory and access to several large-scale forensic analysis facilities when the need arises. We have developed special forensic analysis software, including the ForensiX software product and custom parallel processing and code analysis tools to help automate some aspects of this activity.

Decision Support:

Our decision support services focus on two key areas; improving decision support systems and processes, and helping make high-valued decisions. We focus on the identification and reduction of cognitive errors in decision-making processes by taking a systematic approach to understanding the decision process and identifying its limitations and sources of error. This includes individual and group decision processes involving people, automated decision support systems, and systems that combine people with technology.

As the value of decisions increase, the cost of mistakes also tends to increase. But the far larger number of lower-valued decisions made on a day-to-day basis often have a combined impact that far overshadow the decisions identified as high-valued. We are one of the few firms that works both on improving high valued decisions that are taken rarely and lower valued decision processes that are undertaken in high volume.

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