Rate Sheet

Standard Rates: $250-800/hr

Standard Terms:

Our rates reflect our long and hard earned experience, our detailed knowledge of issues and technology, our ability to communicate effectively at all levels, and our ability to help you solve the problems you face at all levels and of all sorts.

All consulting is on a strictly confidential basis. This includes all information about clients, client names, client contacts, specific work we perform, and all client information. We won't tell people about you unless you tell us to, and we err on the conservative side.

You retain all rights to specific work products produced at your request. Fred Cohen & Associates and each associate maintains all intellectual property rights to all other work product generated during consulting.

All consulting is on a best-effort basis. Neither Fred Cohen & Associates nor any of the individuals involved in these services are liable in any way for any advice or services provided or how that advice or those services are used.

No clauses such as non-competition are considered. We share our knowledge with those who pay us and what we learn along the way - other than client confidential information - is a large part of our value.

All rates are plus reasonable and necessary expenses. Rates and availability subject to change without public notice. Travel outside the United States is extra. For non-local travel, full day rates apply (midnight to midnight). Payment due upon receipt of invoice for qualified buyers. In some cases pre-payment is required. For long-term projects with discount rates, retainers are required.

A True Story:

A few years back, I quoted a director at a major company $25,000 for an assessment. In the discussions she indicated that another company was going to come with 3 people for a week to for the same price as I was going to charge for two days on site plus analysis, report writing, and final presentation. She chose the other folks.

A few months later, on another job for the same company, part of the review I did involved that same system, only this time, I could only stop by for a few hours during my one-day overview of a larger set of issues. Later that afternoon - when I did the preliminary summary of what I had seen, the director who had chosen the other group took me aside and told me that her group had already learned more about the real issues they needed to address from this short overview than they had found out from the other consulting firm coming in for a week with three people. She indicated that the other group told them only things they already knew and handed them hundreds of pages of meaningless reports. I had already handed them a page or two worth of information that identified the major issues and how they might be addressed. Her closing comment was that she should have had me do the original assessment.

A few weeks later, a major security problem occurred at this site. It made the national news. When I heard about it I sent an email to my point of contact asking whether this was due to one of the things identified in my review. I was told that it was indeed one of the problems I had identified. If the original review had been done by us, they would have had the time to fix this problem. Instead, they terminated a major service and slowly reintroduced it more than a year later - falling behind their competitors who copied their idea - instead of retaining their market lead.

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